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Exhaust options for R1150 RT


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My son is thinking about a different exhaust for his R1150RT. Would like something a little throatier. I know there is about 4-5 different sysytems out there. Any pros and cons on these different exhausts. Sound (too loud), ease of installing, fuel management needed etc. If a thread has been done on this already, please steer me to it. I'm am somewhat new here and I did search but came up empty. Thanks in advance for your input. Tom

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I have the Ztechnik system on my bike. It was fitted by the PO who was with Cross Country BMW and said that he fitted this as it was the only one not to affect the BMW warranty.


I've found it to be certainly un-BMW in sound and certainly helps a little on the mid range. Travelling thru the Holland Tunnel in NYC, I sometimes forget and scare myself when I open the throttle too quick. (Doesn't happen that often with the traffic here!!)

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bought a used 04 and it had a ztechnic on it and i didnt like it. im more a quiet person. i sold it and put the stock back on. im 57. i like to listen the the motor working and not some loud exhaust noise. mine is black and came with radio and i havent used it and it doesnt look like the previous owner used it either. for each his own.

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Staintune and Remus seem to be the top choices for most on this list from previous postings. Many consider any changes from stock to be too much noise while many like the 'it sounds like a motorcycle' note that the aftermarket systems provide. Mainly a matter of personal choice, I liked my Staintune on my RT.

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I'll second the Staintune recommendation. It's got a nice note, but isn't too loud.

That's what was on my bike when I bought it, and I never felt the need to reinstall the stock pipe (which was included.)


A little story about thei customer service:

Last year at Torrey, my Staintune had a weld fail, and the entire exhaust system came off the bike.

This was a used pipe on a used bike, the pipe had over 40,000 miles on it, and was almost 3 years old. But Staintune was very concerned about the weld failure, and wanted it back so they could see what went wrong. They advance shipped me a brand new system, so I could get the bike going with minimal down-time, and paid the shipping for the damaged system. They really stand behind their product, and get an A+++ in my book. I'd recommend them to anyone, and will be top on my list next time I'm in the market for an after-market exhaust.



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I have the Remus Ti system on my 04 RT.

It now sounds like a proper motorcycle w/o being the least bit loud, other than under hard acceleration. Even then I'd not call it loud, as in "loud pipes loud." The note is deeper, and "at speed" w/ neutral throttle the slightly deeper note is not as intrusive as the tinny whine from the stock pipe, IMO.


I have tinnitus, and have noticed that the Remus is easier on my ears, as the "range" of tones is lower and produces less residual ringing in my ears at the end of a long day.


I had one fellow BMW RT rider unhappy w/ my Remus on a recent trip over the Million Dollar Highway when he was behind me and we were stuck for couple of miles of construction traffic. The bike was in "wind up" mode most of that time due to the incline and my desire not to lug the boxer. We swapped places. Other than that one instance, no one much has even noticed it.


FWIW, the Ti is really easy to keep clean and looking great (not that Jamie would care!).

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Thanks for the responses so far. Would be nice to be able to get a sound byte for these exhaust systems but no one offers them on their websites. Companies like Roadhouse, V&H, Cobra, etc that offer pipes for the cruiser market have examples of their systems on different model bikes so you can get an idea of what they sound like. Looks like my son and I will have to catch up with some of you at a get together to hear some of the sounds. A good idea for a road trip!

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