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k1200 oil consumption


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i recently purchased a used 2002 with 7000 miles on it. i have put 1500 since then. the oil looks to be about a quart low. the oil is near the bottom of the window but still visible. i once had vw where the thing used oil about this rate until i the dealer told me to redline it as often as i could. the oil consumption reduced to about a qt/2500 miles until i got rid of it @115 k miles. do the bmw's have a similar trait? is this excessive? i see no visible evidence of leaks or burning..



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Calvin  (no socks)

In reality it is probably only an ounce or two that has been consumed...

from bottom to top of the window is usually is 4 ounces... don't over fill it ...

I put over 5000 miles before I added 6 ounces...

I usually run it in the center of the window...

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Hey Calvin, from bottom to top of window should be about 1 quart buddy, if not more. I just added 7 ounces to bring it back up from about 1/4 to where I had it before, about 2/3s. Mine consumed that in 3K (fast) miles. Well within the acceptable range. I'd definitely be worried if it was 1 qt in 1,500 miles. Later.

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It is not a quart low. It is about 4 to 6 oz low. That will take it from the bottom to just about the middle of the window, where it belongs. Top of the window is too high and will cause the crankshaft to whip the oil around and actually increase consumption.

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