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New R1200R?


Buy New or Used?  

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I have my sights set on the New R1200R. I have never owned a new bike before , always bought them used. Instant depreciation and all that "The minute you drive it off the show room floor". What is the consensus on buying new or waiting until someone maybe has one that they have decided they don't like ( and possibly have added accessories to ) after 6 months?



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50/50 shot so far. Its a new bike, so possibly want to wait awhile before making the decision, that's what i would do anyway. Usually with BMW, there's probably some recalls waiting to happen...so give it some time.

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It depends on what you do with your bikes. I have bought new the last three times R1100RT-R1150RT-R1200RT (see the pattern, happy with the RT range) Normally keep them for 4 years 75,000 miles and trade them in.


Now if that is not you, and you are not sure how long you want to keep the bike, then it may be different.


Buying new and running for 4 yrs to trade in with your dealer, well the bike does not really depreciate, as I have always got over book trade in on all my RT's.


But if you want the bike for a season, then hang on, save a few bucks, hopefully the previous owner has looked after it, and all the NEW BIKE gremlins will be sorted, and you may get a few extras. Remember though, sometimes it takes the after market guys a while to find/develop/produce the add on's, so there might not be any around after only six months.

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Since you're in the habit of buying used, I'd suggest waiting until you find the right used specimen.


I've bought both new and used bikes, and the decision on new vs used usually comes down to what I intend to do with the bike. For my long distance/touring bikes, I like the added comfort that I know what those bikes have been through, every mile, so I tend to buy new. Track bikes, commuter, etc ... I tend to go used for the reasons you mentioned; cheaper, and more likely to have some accessories already added.

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I would normally but used but this time I bought new this time because I has to euthanase my old R1100RT. If you plan to keep the bike for a decent length of time then the initial depreciation becomes less significant - but it is still there.

My initial plan was to have traded the R11RT on a 1 year old R12RT. Although a problem down here is that the Perth BMW market is very small so I might have had to wait a considerable amount of time to get what I wanted.

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i have purchased my last two bmws used because price was better but addition of extras was a real bonus. regardless of money it can be a hassle trying to add on this and that. i got my gs off ebay with 2000 miles and lots of extras, but u have to know what youre looking for and what it should cost to be a good deal.

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