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tire decision vs the owners manual


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My r1200gs owners’ manual says to replace tires with "BMW/NA approved" tires. And that I should see my dealer for the list of tires that are approved. They are 85 miles away. Does anyone have a list of the "approved tires"? I know I see lots of tires on GS's and everyone has their opinion, but even radial tourances, vs. the Karoo's some are bias ply, some are radial. I am guessing I should not put a bias and a radial on the bike at the same time but what can I expect if I switch back and forth from radials to bias to radials.


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"BMW/NA approved" tires.
For the most part I'd bet that statement came straight out of the legal dept. Any tire of the correct size and type should be just fine.


Now don't you go and sue me for saying it though!

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A tire that is not BMW approved does not mean that it is disapproved. Most of the time it means that it was not tested by BMW. IMHO any tire of the right type (radial or belted) and right size will do OK.

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The GS comes with radial-sized rims and typically you ought not run bias tires on radial-sized rims, though there may be folks who have gotten away with it on the GS.

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Check the tire company's website. Normally they will have a fitment guide for each bike with approved tires, sizes and air pressure.

Sometimes there will be two tires, same size, but maybe a different load or speed rating.

That said, really all you need to know about tires for the GS, IMHO.

1. Anakee/Tourance- road tire that will be ok on a dirt road

2. TKC80/Karoo- off road tire that's ok on the pavement

3. Pilot Road- for those days when you want to give the sport guys fits in the twisties

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