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Seat Jack


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I am new to the BMW family with the purchase of an 1150RT in April. I like everyting about the machine except the seat. Looked into aftermarket seats and it looked like $400-600 was the going price for such a solution. The troublesome thing to me was feeling like I was sliding forward all the time, otherwise it seemed the seat would be comfortable. Saw comments on the "seat jack" on the forum and bought one to see if it solved the problem. It has been too cold to test on a long ride but I took a 15 minute spin today and what a difference. I still can raise it more as I did not use the addtional washers but at this point don't think I will need to do so. If any of you are having a similar problem with your seats I would recommend trying the "seat jack" before popping for a custom seat. Only thing I don't like is the additional space it puts between the tank and the seat at the front.



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