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Newbie and Manuals...


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Hello people, I just bought a four-year-old mint R1150RT and in the first exciting flush of ownership... I've had various bikes over the years, all Japanese, and never owned a BM before, so looking forward to it... Had been looking at this site, and it's full of useful stuff... well done guys!


One question that someone in my part of the world might be able to help with - I've been trying to find an online source to get hold of a Riders Manual for the European version (I have found a link only for the US version) - anyone know any resources where I can get this, or is it down to visiting my local BMW dealer - I'm based in Gibraltar, Europe, and the local dealer is not that ummm forthcoming...


Anyway, nice to be part of the community, and look forward to participating!! cool.gif


Chris J

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Welcome to the board Chris, I have some fond memories of the rock from my time in the RAF. I was there in March as I was visiting a friend in Jerez who makes a monthly trip to Safeways to buy sausages and bacon.


If it is any help, the only real difference between the US bikes and the Euro bikes is the evaporative emissions rig on the American machines.


There should be two manuals with your bike, the Riders manual and the Maintenance manual. The latter is what the dealer stamps up but it also has all the information for basic owner maintenance, such as removing the tupperware, wheel changing and so forth.


For more in-depth maintenance there are CDs available, the cheapest legit source being Motobins in the UK. They ship worldwide.





Cya, Andy

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Thanks boffin - I've been here nearly 20 years so our paths may have crossed!!


I ended up going round to the BMW dealership in Algeciras today and they seem to be able to get me a Riders Manual in English. I do have the maintenance manual, stamped, I'm pleased to say, with real BMW dealer stamps, so it's a bike with a good service history...


They failed dismally to find me a cover for it - we tried an R110RT cover, which seemed to be too small - I found a resource for this online, though it means shipping from the US... the dealer reckoned BMW never made a custom cover for the 1150, which I find hard to believe - computer said no!!


Took my first spin up the Jerez motorway just to try out the cruising speeds... that motorway, as your friend will know, is pretty new and usually pretty empty - makes a change from the M1!! He cruised beautifully between 140 and 160 kph, with the screen fully extended and me, being used to naked bikes, sublimely comfortable... looking forward to this!!


Sorry, probably went a bit off-topic there in my unbounded enthusiasm - kid with new toy has nothing on me!!! smile.gif

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