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Suzuki's Stratosphere


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This thing looks awesome in many respects! Anyone know where I can find more info, other than 01/06 Cycle World? 180 or up to 200 horsepower inline 6, and only 18 inches wide! Although Bandit / Katana / GSXR etc. are not really in the same category as BMW (for lake of better words), this thing looks promising! I have really punished my Bandits and the engines are bulletproof! I did loose a carb on the 600 and ran it excessively long as is, it ran a little rough but ran and ran. If Suzuki does with this thing, what Kawasaki is doing with the ZX 14 it would really be something! The hard cases or saddle bags do look a little cheesy as pictured but I am sure if they made the thing with a dependable shaft and better cases or bags it would be something worth a look at least. The article does mention BMW and claims cruise and electronic cruise control. Also mentioned is FJR and auto transmission, but with a twist to select auto or manual. Please offer w/o this as I do not like the though of an auto bike with the needless weight added for such a thing! It is pictured w/o mirrors! Copy BMW with integrated turn signals in the mirrors like the R1200S and maybe add the turn signals like those on trucks and SUV's visible from the rear! Suzuki $ vs. BMW $$$, historically big ouch BMW! Okay, I rambled enough about it and hope someone will point me in the right direction to find updates on this bike!

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