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rear shock and ABS question


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Hello all


Please let me know what you think


1. took my 2002 1150RT with 6K miles on it for a ride and for giggles set the rear shock to its hardest setting and took the bags off to see what kind of ride it would produce. When back home I tried to back off from the hardest setting the 180 degree turn the manual recommends for solo riding. The screw would not turn. More force applied and it snapped, and will now turn endlessly. First question: the dealer says it is broken and replacemnt is the only option. What do you think is there anything that can be done to get my shock back to working order? If not, what shock would you replace it with and what is the street price you've found? Labor charges to replace?


2. When riding, the bike will without warning and without any discernable pattern start blinking ABS failure warning. The brakes feel fine through it all. I tried to hit the brakes really hard to see if i had ABS, but never locked up the back tire. I've inspected the brakes and lines and don't see any sign of leaking. I've checked all the fluid levels and they are full. Question: What would you check of do to discover what the problem is? If I do nothing, and as the dealer says, I just don't have ABS, is it OK just to ride the bike as is? I won't experience a complete brake failure?


thanks much

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Almost all shocks are repairable but most at a considerable cost. Replacement may be the most economical option.

I don't know the cost in the USA but here in Australia, the new rear shock was around $930 compared to a replacement Ohlins for $1350. That is a significant cost difference but given that the Ohlins is rebuildable for around $450-500, it will be cheaper than the stock shock in the long run if you choose to keep the bike for a long period.


From what you describe with you brake warning light flashing, you have an ABS fault. In the event of a brake module failure, you should still have conventional brakes.

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2. I'd have a dealer run a diag. on the brake controller just to see what failure codes it's stored, if any, and decide from there.

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