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K1200GT ('03) Handlebars


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Hello all:

I am the proud new owner of a very slightly used '03 GT. I really love the performance and handling, but I want to bring the bars back some. The manual was not included with the bike, so I am waiting for a replacement. The question I have is this, are the stems that hold the handlebars (mounted on the upper triple clamp around the fork tubes) meant to have rotational adjustment to move the bars back?


Any info appreciated,





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Calvin  (no socks)

Bob, give the location of the bars a chance...Others have changed them and gone back to the original location...

Search for the Master Yoda riding position.... I use it and have made no adjustments to my '03 GT/ and my '05 Ks...Have done 1200 mile days on each... went to work next day...I am currently afflicted w/carpal, C-6 disc degeneration, sore lower back syndrome...etc....No problems while riding! grin.gif

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What Calvin said.

If you must, there are barback risers available.

Try ir for yourself and do what works.

Best wishes.

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If you decide to go with barbacks, there are several available. Pirates Lair has three to choose from. A&S Cycles has the RCU version. (Disclaimer: no affiliation, just a satisfied customer of both places).


I forget the specific model years, but IIRC, some GT production runs had shorter lines (forget whether it was brake, throttle, or clutch) than others. You may find yourself having to extend something to make barbacks work.

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+1 to all of these replies.


Give it time to get used to. The riding position is really not that different from a tourer, it's just slightly more forward oriented, but it feels strange at first. You will get used to it very quickly.



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Nobody directly answered your question; I willwink.gif. No, the bars don't have any rotational adjustment, neither on the horizontal or vertical plane.

Hope you don't have a problem with the angle, because all barbacks I've seen only push the bars up and back, keeping the same angle.

And yes, do yourself a favor and try to adapt to your bike first; it's the way it was meant to be ridden, and it works. And some exercises to condition the right muscles wouldn't hurt. Good luck, and congratulations.

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