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Audio "OUT" on Garmin 2720 & ear plug speakers?


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I have ArizonaAl stereo ear-plug speakers. They're great.

I'd like to use them from time to time w/ the audio out socket on my Garmin 2720's 12v power cable.


The male end of the speakers is 3.5mm mini-jack, and it looks like the Garmin's socket is smaller -- 2.5mm????


And, I assume that the Garmin is mono rather than stereo?


Adapter time? Change out the female on the Garmin time? Mono adapter OK w/ stereo ear plugs? Just get one ear? No workie?


I don't want to go Autocom or anything like that as an interface. The times I listen to music ain't the times I'm trying to understand where to turn next for finding a strange address.


You BTDT on this issue folk, appreciate feedback.

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The only output on the 2720 is on the cable. It is a 2.5mm jack and it is mono. Radio shack sells an adapter......But you might find that the volume is inadequate.


For $60 you can buy an Amplirider...totally designed for motorcycle use. It will combine two mono units (radar, GPS) and a stereo unit (MP3, I-Pod, Sirius radio). Remote mounted volume control, runs off bikes 12V system.....


there is nothing even close for the price.



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Thanks for the feedback. thumbsup.gif I've taken what I've read here so far, and have come up with a similar solution to my problem that will also allow me to use my iPod at the same time because it mutes the music audio when the GPS "speaks".... so, I've come full circle from my original post. dopeslap.gif

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