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Tire change w/ motolights?


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OK, so this SHOULD be a simple question, but it suddenly doesn't seem so simple...


I had the dealer put motolights on my r12st (brake mount) so I've never messed with them until now.


Now, I'm needing to change the front tire, and what should be a simple task suddenly isn't.


My question is: What size of allen (hex) wrench is needed to remove them? I've tried a 6mm and a 1/4" (both too big) as well as a 7/32" and a 5.5mm (both too small). I thought my Hex/torx kit was pretty complete, but apparently I'm missing something.


So, where do I get this 5.7ish mm bit? Or am I missing something obvious?


(I'm pretty sure I need to remove the mount to remove the tires because I have to remove the brakes to get the tire off - right?)

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Just checked on my 03 GT(same as my 03 RT).

The stock bolt is a torx T45 & the longer bolt supplied from Motolights is a 6-mm Allen.

Mark the round section of the light(s) were they mate with the fork. I used a pencil & made 4 marks, 2 each fork/lights so you can install them in the same place so you don't have to re-aim them.

After you remove the rotors, rock them back & forth to spread the pads or you can not remove them...DAHIK.

Put some duck tape on the rims so the calibers don't scratch the paint.

After removed from the disks, you may want to put some wood wedges (or other) in the rotors in case the brakes are applied.


Good luck.

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First of all, thanks for checking that. I knew about the t45 from the manual. It was the 6mm that was odd. I literally had to hammer the 6mm bit into one of the motolight hex screws. It came off easily then (and the bit came out rather easily considering how hard it was to get in). I'm wondering if there was some sort of debris (from someone cranking on it with the wrong size bit?) in the screw. It goes in much more easily now.


Anyway. Thanks. It works. Thanks for the tips as well.

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