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R1100 Fuel Pump


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My fuel pump in the '96RT has just about gone out to lunch... Does anyone have a supplier / part number for an alternate pump? The BMW part is a little pricey, so maybe if there is a more reliable / cheaper (very rarely do these two words go together)part out there....


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Fuel pump/horn/etc (BMW 61-36-1-393-412) relay can be replaced with NAPA AR614 relay although the NAPA part doesn't have the lugs to lock the relay in place. NAPA AR614

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See if you can find an E3210 (Advance Auto Parts Number) down there. It is the GM pump for all their FI cars. On another list, someone had good luck with this pump. 3.0 bar output pressure with a 6.0 bar stall pressure.




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Euro Motoelectrics sells one for $139. I have not used this pump but I have purchased several other items from them and the service was excellent. Use the link below and then do a search under fuel system and you will find it.


I've also read that the Napa P74095 can be used but it's somewhat smaller in diameter so you will have to shim it to fit in the holding bracket. The price is around $90.



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