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Sargent low seat opinions?


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I'd like a Sargent low seat, are they padded enough?


I have one on my 1200RT....I think the question is best answered; It depends on what you want in a seat...It's enough padding for me, and I particularly like the additional width over the stock low seat, but it is firm to sit on, not a cushiony seat, and it's thigh width makes the ground farther away than the aforementioned stock one....I can handle that...

My bottom line is that I like the seat but seats are a very personal item so I'd suggest you at least sit on one before you buy...Maybe a friend or someone on this site that's near you that has one......



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Love mine - love it - love it - love it! Almost 10000 miles on the one I'm riding now. 1400 miles of BRP with my wife on the pillion - 3200 miles to Colorado and back, longest day of 640 miles.


I used to have the stock 1150 seat, and tried the BMW low version seat . . . the Sargent is by far the best fit for me . . . I'm 5-10, 185 with a 29-30 inch inseam. I can flat foot with my boots on. I don't know if it's the foam they use or the width of the seats but I love mine and my wife says the pillion is very comfortable.


The combination of the Sargent seat and a good pair of bicycle shorts and I just go until someone else says stop.


I heartily recomend you try it out.

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Get a Russel and you can ride all day and all night. Get a Sargent and have a sore butt in 150 miles. I have tried, Sargent, Cee Bailey, Corbin and Russel is the best!!!!

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