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Fog and the Skyline Drive


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Last Wednesday there was a heavy fog in the mid-Atlantic and the same was forcast for Thursday. I decided to ride up on the Skyline Drive and take some photos. The leaves were splendid too. Here are a few, plus a few while in motion. The weather was perfect and the traffic light, a perfect day to enjoy a ride.















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Thanks for the pics. I grew up in the West End of Richmond and spent many weekends camping at Loft Mountain on the Skyline Drive and hanging in C'ville with friends during High School/college. It has been way tooo long since I have been up there. Sure is beautiful. One of these days I have to ride it on a bike. My biking hobby started as I was leaving Raleigh for the west coast in '89. Thanks again for the pics and post.

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Beautiful! Haven't been there for a year and these just make me wonder what's wrong with me. And, why would anyone be at work on such a beautiful day? Gotta start getting priorities in order here.

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A lot of people don't care for the Skyline Drive because of the 35MPH speed limit. I generally run around 45 on average, which is quick for some of the corners.


But the real joy is the scenery and lack of traffic. thumbsup.gif


Glad you enjoyed the pics.

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Thanks for the pix. One day I'll get back east to see the leaves turn. Out here we have two seasons....warmer and cooler.


Steve in So Cal

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