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Silver R1200RT


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Hi All! wave.gif


Does anyone have any good pictures of the R1200RT in the new silver (titan silver like the 1150RTs)? I have seen the picture on the BMW site but was looking for better shots. Can't wait until these hit the dealers! clap.gifthumbsup.gif

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I just got one about 4 weeks ago.....fantastic. The dealers have them now...atleast Victory in arizona has several. Nice shinny silver....very cool. I love the new ABS as well....it feels like regular breaks.


Good luck on getting one. I love mine! smile.gif

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Picked one up a week ago. Just a lame pic in the garage so far. Will have others soon. It is a sleek lookin thing. Even the top case, if getting, goes with it.


It is the perfect RT color... imo cool.gif

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I have two silver BMW cars and assumed I would buy a silver RT.. That was until I saw the blue. Never imagined I would fall in love with the blue. Do yourself a favor and review both. thumbsup.gif

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Not the best pictures in the world but you get the idea. They are here now!!! Go git you one! thumbsup.gif




I rode the pretty new silver RT yesterday. Very nice color. With all the bells and whistles, plus T&L, extended warranty, etc, $23,000+.


Not in my future....



R1150RT in silver, of course! thumbsup.gif

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