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vescosity ? synthetic ? filter ? engine oil


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I recentlly purchased a used 2004 R150r Rockster

with a bit over 6k miles. 3 weeks later it now

has almost 9k miles and I plan to change the oil.


What vescosity engine oil should I use?


Is it OK to use Synthetic oil?


Do I need to use BMW oil? I used to have a 2000

K12rs and was told to only use BMW oil in it. Is

this also true with the R1150r?


What oil filter can I use? Should one only use

the BMW filter?


OK I've searched this list and others, perhaps I'm just missing it, but I can't seem to find recommended oil

vescosity or filter part numbers.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Joe V.

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This is the proverbial bag of worms.


Oil is a religious thing. Use what your Dog tells you to use.. (if your Dog happens to be BMW - then use BMW oil.)


Filters are also a religious thing. Some of us believe our Dog told us to only use BMW filters 'cause they aren't THAT much more expensive, come with all the little seals and stuff - other people feel they are a frivoulous needless expenditure and any old filter that looks about right is just fine to use.


Viscosity is a religious thing.. again - Dog (BMW) may tell us one thing, and lots of people think BMW doesn't have a clue (or is part of a vast viscosity conspiracy) and use other than the recommended.


I'm not gonna tell you what to use.. I'll tell you what I use - which is Mobil-1 15W-50 and a factory filter. That's what my Dog told me to use one night, and it's worked out just fine so far.

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Assuming it had its 6K service on time you do not need to do an oil change for another 3K miles. BMW specify 6K miles between oil changes except for harsh environments.


Specified oil is "Brand-name HD oilof API classification SF, SG or SH; CD or CE amendments are permissible; or Brand-name HD oil of CCMC classification G4 or G5; ammendment PD2 is permissible.


as for visocity, that is temperature dependant. 20W-50 will cover 15° to over 100° farenheiht. 10W-40 will go to 70°, Synthetic 5W-50 will go from -20 to over 100.


Personally I run 10W-40 Castrol GPS as that is what my dealer put in and it suits the British climate.


Choose your oil to suit your climate. I only use synthetic when I am visiting hot climates as it is otherwise not worth the expense. YMMV.


Cya, Andy

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Personal opinions only, but I'd recommend that you stick with the BMW filter and use a quality synthetic. The 1150 is an air/oil cooled engine and if you find yourself riding in stop and go traffic, the oil temperatures can get pretty high. Synthetics generally maintain their lubricating qualities better if subjected to high temperatures than do conventional oils, which can break down under those conditions.

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If your still not confused enough, I'll try to add to your misery. blush.gif The following is a list of oil filters that will "work" on your bike. How "good" they are is subject to frequent and animated debate:


Oil filters:

FRAM PH6063 is the correct FRAM but hard to find at WallyWorld.

FRAM PH3614 is readily available and works


Mobil-1 M1-102

BMW 11.42-1 460 843 or 845

Mahle/knecht/microstar/tecafiltre OC91 (original part)

Champion C301 (of motorcycle range)

Purflux LS188B

Tech9 n°16 (France only, made by Mahle in fact)

Hiflofiltro HF-163 (from Thailand)

Mann-Hummel MW712

Detlev Louis (Germany) 10050195

Toyota 08922-02004 or 90915-YZZB9 (according THIS site)

Perf-form BMW-1 (on www.perf-form.com)

UFI makes one too (italian)

Donit 43 10 133 (www-motobins.co.uk)

For After May, '97, 1100RT

Purolator P/N11421460845


Bosch 3330

WalMart ST3614

Purolator L00241



Good luck

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Another county heard from . . . I use BMW-branded 20W50 synthetic year-round, BMW filters, and change the oil no more often than 6k miles (with occasional excursions to 12K miles between changes) and have 149K miles on the engine with no issues. And I don't worry about my bike's oil.

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cant beat mobil 1 motorcycle oil for "v-twins" an other air cooled engines. find in walmart motorcycle aisle, not in the motor oil aisle, its special.

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