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Bike-to-Bike Coms


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Hi all


Looking for advice on bike-to-bike communication, my friend has the Autocom system for his mobile phone (not sure which system)


I would like bike-to-bike, rider to pillion, mobile phone connectivity I know Autocom make a system that will accommodate (and work with my friends) but was wondering if there’s any other system worth considering/not thought of and future proof


Thanks in advance

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I have both....


The Autocom is cheaper and comes with the help of this board..many members use it and can help you with anything.


Also the owner of Autocom is a board member. (Tom)


The Baehr as works great for me and has a little less air induced static...but I may not have it all adjusted quite right.


You can also use the inner ear speakers with the Autocom (Er6i's and Al's custom ear pieces) the Baehr only allows helmet speakers.


Good Luck


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Autocom Active-Plus Duo Kit. It has all the capabilities you seek (and then some). When they first came out earlier this year they were available at a discounted introductory price. Some dealers still have them at that price. If you can't find one, PM me and I can send you to such a dealer.

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+1 for Baehr. No problems setting up and you don't need an extra noise cancelling mike the Autocom uses.



Nothing against the Baehr. I've often said that they do make a competent unit (albeit very pricey when compared feature for feature). But just to clarify, there is no "noise cancelling" mike on the Autocom. With its advanced VOX circuitry that actually shuts COMPLETELY off when not in use, it doesn't need one because no noise/sound gets into the system when you don't want it to.


However, the top-of-the-line Autocom Pro Rider does have a separate Ambient Noise Microphone. Positioned and barely poking out of the back edge of the helmet, what this does is measure ambient noise and automatically adjusts speaker volumes to compensate. Additionally, it adjusts the VOX threshold relative to ambient noise. So you hear the same and speak using the same voice volume whether you're at a standstill or moving 80mph.


Besides, the originator of this thread is in England and the Autocom UK factory is probably "just down the road." What a great coincidence for him. He can have his system installed by the factory crew. It doesn't get better than that.

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I would definitely go for Autocom. I notice that you have two bikes - so if you want comms on both, be sure to let your dealer (or the factory) know. Autocom do special accessories that will let you bike-power a radio (convenient if you don't have to recharge radio separately) even if it is in a tank-bag.


p.m me for more information.


Nice discounts at the NEC show usually if you're going - probably pay for the trip!

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It was mentioned above that the Autocom would allow use of er-6i earphones. Would you be able to use something like THIS with it too? I'd like to get an intercom / bike-to-bike setup, and currently have the following :

- er-6i

- mix-it

- XM Roady2


I'm really sold on the conduction microphones after having used them in the military, and would like to use this technology on the bike. Is it doable?

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Thanks for all you’re input


I purchased the Autocom Active-Plus 200 (still under the promotional discounted offer) with the nokia adapter and the icom lead for my Motorola TA 200 radios (this lead works for these older type radios and as i had them already i saved a few pounds) for b2b communications all works well but yet to try on a road test



Kind regards

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I've tried lots of different set-ups and finally settled on Autocom and certainly this is the best solution.


The support from the factory is excellent, they really go out of their way to help you.


Go to the NEC show and se them there (they normally always have a stand)

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