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The "I've Got A Room Available" Thread


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Please post here if you have a room that you're going to be cancelling, or if you have a room to share. Same goes for KOA campground spots or KOA Cabins.


Please be sure to edit your post to indicate that your room is no longer available once you find a taker.


Thank you.

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I have a reservation at the Ramada Inn for 2 dbl beds ~ $50/night and would like a room mate (non-snorring/smoking please). I believe the reservation is for 7/21-7/24 but I will probably leave early (7/23). If you are interrested send me an email.


I have a second reservation at the Comfort Inn. It is for two dbl beds in a smoking room. The rate is $76.50/night and it is reserverd for 7/21 through 7/26. However, I just got off the phone with them and they warned me that the entire hotel is booked by the HA for the end of the week ( probably most hotels will be this way). It shouldn't be a problem if you are just planning on staying 7/21-7/24 (or less) and I can cancel the later part of the reservation. If someone doesn't let me know by July 1, I will cancel this reservation.

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Hi folks, I reserved a cabin at the Gun. KOA for July 20-23.

Now it looks like I may not be able to make it up there. If anyone is interested in my resevation please contact me.

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I have a reservation for Days Inn beginning Monday.


I have a reservation for Travel Lodge, beginning Sunday.


Drop me a line by July 1 and either/both are yours.

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Anyone have a spare bed for a foreigner?

July 21 - ? (3-4 nights.)

Preferably at one of the KOA Kabins or at the Ramada.

Please send a note if you do.

Contact 'oldrider' for character reference.


Lester Vermiere

Grand Forks BC Canada.

'99 RT



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Still looking for a room/kabin to share to save a few $.

( the Canadian peso ain't what she used to be).

Prefer splitting room costs with someone at one of the KOA Kabins or at the Ramada . I'm a Non smoker/snorer

If you, or anyone else you know, has something available for the 21st to 23rd please let me know.


I can make it up to the roomy. How about a fresh caught sockeye salmon (it will be caught on the 15th, off of the Alaska panhandle, wrapped in ice for the ride to Gunnison. If not that, how about a bottle of good Canadian whiskey??????


Things are getting desperate. I might have to absorb the wrath of putting a ' room wanted' add out on the main forum, as there isn't much action on this one. Most already have their rooms and or finished cancelling.


Lester Vermiere

Grand Forks BC Can.

'99 Graphite


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Lester, I've got a room at the Comfort Inn ($88/night plus tax) but it's only for Sunday and Monday nights. Tuesday night you're on your own. I won't smoke Wurty's stinky cigars in the room, but I might have one outside. Unfortunately I snore, but if you sleep with earplugs (like I do when I room with others who snore) it's no problem.


Your call. It ain't roomin' with Cinderella, but it ain't the ugly stepsister, either.


Oh yeah. Forget the salmon. Bring the Whiskey (you guys make any good bourbon up there?). Gawd help me I even like Gordon Lightfoot.

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It would be an honour and a privledge to share a room with you, but fortunately/unfortunately?, I was also able to find a room at the Comfort Inn.

Do I still have to wear ear plugs if you are in the room next to me?

Bourbon- No. We only make Rye Whiskey.

For your courtesy on the room offer I'll bring you a healthy sample. Don k also owes you a beer I see. Rye and beer do mix.

I just have to look for the Boston Green 99 RT...... and catch you when I can

Thanks again for the offer.

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I had a double reservation: Ramada and Comfort Inn. I'm giving up the Comfort Inn, but if rooms are scarce and one of you wants it, contact me by tomorrow night and I'll get you the info.

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All, The OldRider could not stand not being in Gunnison. So I sweet talked the Captain and I will be going to Gunnison. However, I need a place to lay my head. Does anyone have a room, bed, floor to share. I Canceled my reservations three weeks early.


Oh, by the way. Lester has great bourbon from the NW Territory.


PS - Lester, I think you made a big mistake using me as a reference.


Please contact me asap

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It looks like work will win. There's about a 75% chance I won't be able to go, and my room will be available. I'm at the Comfort Inn for three nights starting on Sunday the 21st. I will know for sure on Monday (the 15th) before noon, and will email you directly as well as post here. We can coordinate my cancelation with you picking up the room.


Look for a message from me on Monday prior to noon.

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I crashed the KRS Tuesday mad.gif on my "Family" vacation so I no longer have transportation to Gunnison. I have a room at the Comfort Inn for 3 nights starting Sunday. 1 Queen, non- smoking and handicapped (Old Rider equipped laugh.gif) If I don't get really upset when I take her to the dealer tomorrow and trade the wrecked bike on a new one the room will be available. I'll know for sure tomorrow night but will wait until Wednesday to cancel. The rate is $67.50 per night. Send me an e-mail or PM if interested.

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That is what I did last year so I wouldn't miss the BMW Art of Motocycling last Fall. Traded wrecked bike plus cash for new RT1150. Hope they total your bike, that is about the only way to get top dollar for your bike.



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Paul Mihalka

Looking at the net for things Gunnison, I found a site for the Wildwood Motel. A small 18 room motel that looks neat, all first floor. $55 a night, supposedly a quiet part of town, closer to KOA than Comfort Inn. I reserved my room, the last room they had available. My 1 bed room in the Comfort Inn will free up.

If somebody needs the room and can tell me how to safely transfer the reservation, any of you can have it. I will cancel on Tuesday.

PS I can't find the "Attendance Survey" to correct it.





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I have extra accomodations available for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.


Sunday night is at the Super Eight ( 2 Queen Beds / Non Smoking ) $ 79.00

Monday and Tuesday nights are at the Ramada ( 1st Floor, 2 Queen Beds / Non Smoking ) $55.00 per night - and I did confirm about a month ago that they were "holding that price for me".


Email me if you are interested. I will be cancelling these rooms on Thursday, July 18th, in the morning.

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I have a Kamping Kabin available at the KOA for Sunday thru Thursday @ $37.50.


I thought in the Ramada fiasco, my reservation there was lost but just decided to give it a last shot and found out that they have held a room for me after all ... at the quoted price and now on the ground floor.


If you are interested, I can try to swap over the reservation at the KOA to you but please let me know ASAP as I need to cancel NLT tomorrow morning.



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I have a room at the Comfort Inn that's available -- Sun through Tues. Two queen beds, non-smoking, and I think $81 a night.


Email me if you need it, I'll probably cancel late Friday.

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