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The headquarters for the un4 will be the Ponderosa Campground in the center of Cody. My contact there will call me today or tomorrow with details on what she has available for our dates.


I know that there is plenty of camping. What I'm waiting to find out is how many of their seven camping cabins are available. The cabins each have a double bed and a bunk bed. They have electricity but not plumbing.


I'm posting this now so that youse guys can decide whether you may have an interest in having and/or sharing one of these cabins. I believe the cabins are $34 per night. The camping sites are $16


I'll post numbers as soon as I have them. Also, as soon as we settle the cabin issue, I'll make a post to the group announcing the location and info on our unlocation.


We'll have our team in place by the end of the week and will supply you with names so that they can access this forum.


Thanks, everybody!

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Let me add FYI, that there are also motels quite close (across the street and within easy walking distance) and they are being solicited for group rates. Camping is not the only option but the gathering area will be the Ponderosa. It's likely that all the meals will happen there as well.

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Thanks for the heads up, Leslie. I'll be taking a hotel room (or two of them, actually). So if you can point me to the a decent one on the list, I'll call my plastic in! smile.gif

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They have electricity but not plumbing.


"Yes...front desk? Could you plese send the concierge over to remove this bucket? Thanks."


Anyone got that hotel list??? tongue.gifgrin.gif

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There are bathrooms close to the cabins a la KOA, but I'll check in with our hotel elf to see if he has any info on prices yet, ya potty poopers tongue.gif

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Mark Menard (Vita Rara)

I'm not sure if we've covered this, but is Cody a dry or a wet place? I don't even know if this applies in WY, but thought I'd ask.



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Mark, go here to find out. But it's probably too far out to know for sure. tongue.gif


Man, David... you crack me UP! Weather.com.... that's a hoot! grin.gif



Wait a minit.... aren't we talking about buying booze? shocked.giflaugh.gifcool.giftongue.gif

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