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Coffee Sponser ?


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I am going to finalize the coffee plan on Saturday June, 22. I will have to give the Bakery folks my credit card # at that time. My best estimate at this point is that I will spend approximately $200.00 per day to provide Doughnut/Danish and coffee for approximately 150 folks. I had originally planned to put up a bucket for donations. I think it may be easier (on me) if we can have a sponsor or two. All they get for their money is a sign that indicates that they provided the pastry and coffee. I have considered seeing if the BMW M/C dealers of Colorado would be interested? I have also considered Cycle Gadgets and Discount Motorcycle Tire. I'm sure there are others that would be interested/willing?


So to the question:


Should we solicit sponsorship? Do we want be "beholden" to any vendor?


If so who are the best folks to contact?


Any and all opinons welcome!


I do not have email at work. I check this forum most evenings. You can call me at Denver Hardwood 800/274-4144, 0700-1630 MDT. I am the only Mike and the only Snod there.


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$200 per day? That's just for Big Mak, right?


Seriously, I think sponsorship is a good idea. We're going to be putting "above normal" demands on the bakery folks. They want to be covered up front. Unless we charge a rally fee to include these goods, we won't know in advance how much money we'll have with which to pay them. And trying to collect on the spot is a hassle, what with who paid and who didn't, making change, etc. It's easier if we get some sponsors. MotoEquip will chip in $50. I think Cycle Gadgets will want in. And if there ever was a base of long-mileage, tire-eating customers who love Discount Motorcycle Tires, we're it. With DCB's OK, call 'em.


I'd also check with Jim Lawson at Dallas MC Accessories (EZ-Mount Bracket), Cee Bailey, Big Mak Accessories and anyone else who has benefitted from exposure on our site. It's time to say Thanks.


David, wachathinque?

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Add Motolights to your list. They expressed interest in even stopping by. And Kisan Tech. And maybe Steve at Cee Baileys.

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We have coffee sponsors!


Steve at Cee-Bailey, and Jim Lawson of EZ-Mount, have both committed. Lorene (sp?) and Sean from Cycle Gadgets have to give me a definate yes, but I think want in. We have the funds covered for coffee and pastry for both Monday and Tuesday mornings. I will post to the public forum after CG confirms. I want to give these folks the best play I can for their $.


Chirag at Kisan was interested in donating product for door prize/s? Any one want to run with that? I told him I would pass the offfer on to FB.



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I don't see where there would be a problem with door prizes. I was certainly planning on tossing out a few of my MotoEquip Face Shield Protectors whenever I had the microphone. The more the merrier, as long as we don't get a major sponsor who wants to take over and make it something like the DUNLOP Gunnison Rally and give out free tires to everyone and donimate the proceedings, etc.,etc, etc.


Wait a minute. . .wink.gif


As for the coffee and pastries, I agreed to sponsor $50 worth. Snod, shoot me an e-mail with your address and I'll send you a check. --FB

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