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I've archived the planning and actual forums for both UnRallys. Users can see the UnRally forums, and the '04 team can see the previous planning forums.


The '04 team is composed of Jamie/Leslie, the mods/admins, and Jake. We need Jake to provide some continuity and historical context.


Jamie/Leslie will choose their team and I'll then add them to the forum.

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I would like to announce the first additions to the Planning Committee and welcome the new members.


"seanc" (Sean), "signman" (Rodger), "doc47" (David), and "Vita Rara" (Mark).


We are still working on someone to assist with ride routes, scouting and ride sheets/maps, but that can happen later, and it might make a good excuse for me to go for an In Search Of . . . Ride! laugh.gif


Welcome to the new members of the committee! And thanks in advance for all the hard work you're about to do for the good of the membership! wink.gif


. . . now if someone with administrative powers could just add them to the Fora so they can see this Forum and the other archived Fora, they can see this welcome and get to work! (*hint*, *hint* wink.gif )

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Jamie, send a PM or email to Russell and he'll take care of adding them to the "Planning Group." I don't do menial labor anymore. grin.gif

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Mark Menard (Vita Rara)



Thanks for the invite and the opportunity to be a part of what I'm sure is going to be a great UnRally.



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Thanks for the invite...


Oh sure. You say that now... Wait till the delegating commences! wink.gif


Shouldn't you folks be having some meetings already or sumthin'??? grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Be careful, Denny... I'm heading up the BMWST Secret Service, which we're calling the UnIntelligence Committee. I'll be watching you...

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