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ABS & Battery- Odessey

DR  Major

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I just put an Odyssey PC680 into my 1150 GSA (02). It replaced the original acid battery.


I am getting an ABS warning flash now that I didn't get before.


Charged the battery all night and still get the flshhing. Rode the bike for some time with several stops. Still Flashing.


The battery is reading 13.16 volts.


I added lights, Radar, GPS, and horn, but all are on a ignition switched Blue Seas fuse block, so there is no drain w/o the motor running.


Is there an issue with the Odyssey?

Does it have less draw power than the acid battery?


I have used the PC680 on my RT and LT with no problems.




Thanks. confused.gif

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I just changed an Odessey after 4 1/2 years because I started to get ABS errors on startup (not enough juice). Before that, had no problems with the Odessey. I have heard sometimes they are defective, you might have to return it. Good luck!

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I put a charge on the original battery and put it back in.


ABS Lights are still flashing....?? frown.gif


I pulled the tank again to look for any obvious dis-connects. Can't see any.


So, I've now had two batteries in - Old w/ charge & New w/ charge. Same results. This leads me to think I disonnceted something while putting the tank back on or adding the wiring for the Autocom and Hella Lights.


Any thoughts on what could be doing this? dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif

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Thanks GordanB..!!!!




thanks to a link to - http://www.largiader.com/abs/absfault.html


List ABS Fault resetting and it worked 1st time....



Resetting R1150GS ABS2


* Locate the round diagnostic connector on top of the airbox

* With a wire, ground the brown/blue stripe wire (pin #2) and keep it grounded.

* Turn the ignition on

* Hold the ABS button down for about 8 seconds.

* Release the ABS button.

* Turn off the ignition, remove wire.


Happy Camper now-- cool.gif

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