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extended warranty info needed


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bought a used 04RT with 7K miles, warranty is up in 07 sometime.

can i get an extended warranty

how much

what does it cover and for how long

who has the best price?

do i have to go to a bmw dealer for this confused.gif

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You can get an extended warranty at BMW or from other places. Price ranges depends on how many years you opt for, and which place you purchase from: typically $800-$1300. I got mine from Pinnacle. They basically cover all the essentials, nothing that is wear and tear. If you do a search on the forum, you'll see those who have weighed in on the subject.

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...nothing that is wear and tear.

THAT's the problem; EVERYTHING wears in a vehicle.

So expect to pay a pro-rated charge for almost everything covered (many things are not covered), PLUS get ready for unrealistic life expectancies too, like alternators that supposedly last 50K miles, which means no coverage at all if more than that.

I asked to all prospective companies in writing which covered components would be paid in a pro-rated schedule, and what was the expected life of each such component (if 50K and it fails at 25K, you'd only get 50%). Never got an answer. Just be careful; the odds are against you (house always win, remember?).

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Yeeha! Stephen

I'm Pro extended warranty...


I bought the Pinnacle Plan and they paid the ticket when my Final Drive failed at 51k.


Paid $700 for the 3 Year Plan and the ticket for the Final Drive was $1300.


I won.

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