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Garmin battery


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I have the 276c, the problem was that when the GPS was off and to be in charge mode, the screen said "Battery Missing", also, the unit would not turn on unless plugged in to a power supply. I called Garmin for advice concerning this problem and the person on the other end said that this has happened to other people they will send me a new battery. They are good people to do business with.

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Had the same thing happen to my 376C about five months after I got it. Garmin was good about sending me a replacement battery too. Even expedited the shipping for free because I was just getting ready to head to Vermont for the rally.

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I've noticed with my 6 week old unit that sometimes it won't turn on when not connected to any external power.

To cure this I removed and replaced the battery and all was well.

Must be something to do with slightly dodgy contacts? confused.gif


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