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I-pod connection to 1200RT Radio


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There have been several posts over the past few months on ways to connect an ipod to the stock 1200RT radio:


-- Uses only a BMW car adapter # 65-11-409-342 for around $140


-- Connects2 kit CTABMIPOD007 for around $250


-- Another BMW car adapter that requires a CANAKIT amp and a little rewiring


I'm ready to connect my ipod to my new 1200RT and am leaning to the first option - the BMW adapter since it seems to be very clean and easy and also leaves the AUX connection open. My question is whether anyone has figured out which of these options is best and if anyone tried one of them and has any good or bad news to report. Also, is the stock CD player still available when you do each of these options?


Another thing I'd like to have is the AUX port open for an XM radio, so has anyone successfully done this? Any tricks to doing it and still have the ipod connected?





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Dave, I have been using the bmw car interface with my ipod for about a mont now and i cant find any issues to prevent my reccomending it. It seems that the ipod itself does not like to be kept in the radio box, not sure if it is temp or vibration. No issues in tank bag, though. Ipod stays charged,THe device pauses when the bike is turned off, so you start right back where you left off. I cant see the other brand being worth the extra $$. Good luck with your choice

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Do both provide for the AUX port - I'd like to connect another audio source to that using a 1/8" stereo connector.


I thought the connects2 was over $200US and the BMW around $140 - is that not the case? In either case, the AUX port is more important.


tks for the replies.

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pounds to dollars...dollars to pounds? if you want to add an aux input this can be done as well, using BMW parts. Part #65 12 0 153 301 will allow access to the aux function of your radio.

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I don't know about the cost of the BMW part but I paid 85UKP for the connects2 kit (about 160USD). I thought I read that the BMW part was more than this.

You can certainly have both the ipod and the aux port available at the same time. Both options appear in the menu when you press the source button. Of course you would still need to amplify the sound when using the AUX port but amplification is not necessary for inputs through the ipod adaptor.

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I called the BMW car dealer in New Orleans today and they had the 65 110 409 342 in stock for US$149 so that's in the ballpark.


I'll check on the 65 120 153 301 tomorrow and will probably pick them both up this weekend (out of town this week). I'm still looking for someplace to mount the XM Radio and may put it on the opposite side of the bike radio on that shelf. When it's all done I'll let you know how it goes.



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Hmmm, the saga continues...I called my BMW car dealer to see if they had a 65-12-0-153-301 and he said it's not a good PN. I asked for a cable to use the AUX port on a 2003 325i and there wasn't one so we talked about the ipod adapter 65-11-0-409-342 and he said there's a big note in the book saying you CANNOT use this with a satellite radio - that last part I don't understand unless it's refering to a satellite radio equiped BMW radio. In any case, my question is where did you find your 65-12-0-153-301 or is the PN wrong?

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I ordered 65 11 0 392 133 BMW ipod adapter from BAVAUTO form $134.95. It works with the CD changer port.

They also offer another non-bmw ipod adapter PA010BMW. I didn't see this one until after I bought the other one. dopeslap.gif


You'll also see 2 adapters that work with the AUX port. GOOD LUCK in your quest for IPOD integration.


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Thanks for the info. I just called Bavarian Autosport and they said the BMW adapter you bought makes the CD changer inoperable, is that the case for you? He also said the PA10BMW was for cars with the 6-CD changer in the trunk, not the single CD changer so it wouldn't work for us. He didn't think the AUX cable would work in conjunction with the ipod adapter. Just wanted to see if you agreed with all this as he seemed "somewhat" confident in what he said.



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I understood that the CD player would continue to work. The unit is meant to be a substitute for the CD changer which shouldn't affect us. Anyways I should have it shortly and will document the install and results.

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That's what I understood also which is why I'm interested in what you really find out. I'm also curious what the difference is between the 65-11-0-392-133 you ordered and the 65-11-00-409-342 that someone else bought. I'll probably go to the local BMW dealer tomorrow and see what I can find out and let you know.

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Dave, Dave, Dave:


What the heck are you doing with a stock radio anyway?


Rip that thing out, sell it and just put your ipod in your tank bag. Velcro the ipod remote control to the top of your map pouch and plug in some molded ear monitors to the remote. The sound is far superior to any speakers you could have. If you point the jack of the remote to the left, the plug will just pull apart when you get off the bike without remembering to unplug.


The ambient noise is down so you don't need so much volume.


Riding with this setup is very easy and, if you turn it off while in city traffic, you can hear well enough.


I've been riding RTs since 1999 with either a CD or ipod running this way and have never had anything near an incident realated to hearing or not hearing stuff going on outside.


Besides, motorcycle speakers are damned obnoxious in town. Everyone hears your music selections and no one wants to.


You guys who are hooked on that custom built-in look to everything can surely figure out some far superior mounting for a setup like this. I like the concept of satellite radio too, but you'll never get better sound than with molded ear monitors.


I'm sure this will be an unpopular post with this crowd, but I had to say it. I love riding with my ipod and ear monitors. I also love the empty locking radio pocket for my registration, proof of insurance, owners manual, a pint of water and a rag so I can get a drink or clean my helmet while riding on a long trip.


Now, if y'all are runnin around without your helmets on, well, to each his own.



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its in, it works. there are two 10pin connections on the back of the radio. the ipod interface occupies one and the aux input the other. And yes the aux volume is low. you will have to turn it up. More than adequate volume level when sent through autocom to helmet speakers.to confirm part #s. THe interface is65 11 0 409 342. The aux input is 82 11 0 149 389. The cost for the aux input kit is about 48.00. Yes I know that seems like a lot but it is made for the radio. seems like i paid that for some special autocomm cables. So before you throw out your 1400.00 radio to get a glove box, try this. Dave if you have any questions send me a pm.

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Comet, Excellent!! On a whim I bought both parts from the dealer on Sat - $205 for both and in stock...and he said if they don't fit just bring them back. Unfortunately I had a family trip to take over the weekend and only returned a few hours ago. Took the side case and radio out and I see the pins you're refering to--my only question is which did you use for the aux connection and which for the ipod (radio side or outside)? Also, the dealer failed to print the instructions so I'm not sure about the wiring connections for the larger socket. Is that something you can fax/email to me at drc@cantin.org? If not I'll see if the dealer can fax them as I'm back out of town Monday for the week (travel sucks).




TB, I like having the radio controls working and like to listen to FM now and then. I have the Autocom Speaker/Earbud switch and although I seldom use the speakers I have both this way--the ear buds and the speakers.



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I just looked at this again and the small-pin plugs only go one way so that's a no-brainer. So there's a large 4pin plug left with 3 loose wires - are those used at all? Also, did you try to wire tie the two plugs or just hope they don't fall out. There's not much room to work with.


It looks like all of this including the ipod adapter box can be tucked into the radio compartment with the wires snaking up by the CD player to the top of the radio-neat installation!

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refer to the bavarian autosport listing for part 65 11 0 392 133.there is a pdf file with bmw instructions. the only difference is that you will not be using pin 9.Like you said the 10 pin conn. is pretty straightforward. the three wire you have left are for power, ground and your connection to the bike controls, so they are VERY important.

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I purchased your option #1 two weeks ago for a trip to Deal's Gap and generally had success with it. The volume goes up with the speed but its not quite as loud as the CD player. There are 5 or 6 playlists possible and one playlist that corresponds to the entire library. I thought that would be CD6 (playlist 6) but when I turned the bike off then on, it showed CD7 for playlist 6. I'm still experimenting with that. I bought an iPod nano, put it in iPod's rugged rubber housing, then put the BMW interface and iPod in the cycle's glove department. I had no skips or problems for the entire 2100 mile trip. I couldn't hear it as well the CD player when going 90 mph but my riding buddy had loud pipes. At 65-70 mph it was fine. When using the RT's random play feature on the iPod it seems like it randomly chose 10 songs from the library then played those 10 repeatedly instead of continuously choosing random songs from the library. Again, I'm still experimenting. The CD player is still available to you.


Overall I give it a "thumbs up" but not a "THUMBS WAY UP!"

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Your nano doesn't have a hard drive so that's a plus for those - don't skip as much. I'll put mine in this weekend along with the aux adapter and will probably leave the ipod in the tank bag.


I have the instructions for the 65-11-409-342 in a pdf file if anyone wants them--just send me an email as they are too large to post.


Comet, you mentioned not using pin 9 but the instructions said to use it - any reason why this wire is not changed? I guess you just ignore any reference to it in the instructions - not remove pin 9 from the BMW plug and not connect it to location 2 on the ipod connector and not use one of the loose wires (red/green) on the ipod connector, therefore only remove/connect the remaining 2 wires? I'm curious how you figured that out?

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I am also installing the BMW IPOD interface from Bavarian Auto and have run into a few roadblocks. Hopefully someone can help me out…


1) How does one remove the round pins from the radio connector? Buy the BMW round removal tool? Cut the wires?


2) To clarify, do not use pin 9 from the radio connector. I’m guessing then pins 5, 7, and 15 are the ones to use?


Thanks in advance!!



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