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R1200RT brake light


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I tried posting this over on advrider.com, but no response yet, so I am hoping someone might have an idea over here. smile.gif

A wile back I posted something about this, I am using a mechanical relay which works for now, but I would like to get something electronic going in the future.



I was checking out the autoswitch website, I tried emailing them and both of their email addresses don't work. I was trying to find out about their new switch that is suppose to work with the can-bus system. Anyone know what might be going with that company? What I am looking for is a switch to trigger from the brake light, as many of you know it is not a typical brake light system, it changes the brightness instead of turning on a second filament. It uses pulse width modulation. I need a swtich to turn on set of flashing LED's. I want to do my own system instead of hyper-lites.

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I looked at it...its not quite what I am looking for. That is ok. I have a freind who is an electronics engineer, he has come up with a design that may work...we will build the first prototype soon. If he will let me, I will post some info about it.

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I have had the Autoswitch AS5NB on my R12ST for a year with not one CAN-BUS issue to date.


My application is for Motolights that I turn on/off by way of the turn signal cancel button.


No issues whatsoever other than I can see WAY better. grin.gif

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