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Sticky zippers, what to lube with?


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The zipper on my BigMac tank bag is getting very hard to use. Anybody know what to use to lubricate it? confused.gif


I guess this question applies to all zippers, sometimes they get hard to use, would like to know how to make them zip like new.

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From the website of a guy who used to repair BMW tankbags.... ;-))


Zipper preventive maintenance & repair:

Here is your chance to "do it yourself" following these simple directions. First it is important to clean and lubricate your tankbag zippers. They are full of the road grime that you routinely wash off of your bike. I use a silicon spray, apply liberally, wipe zipper with a clean rag, reapply and operate the slide. What a difference!


You should also be aware that most, but not all BMW tankbags use locking tab zippers. To release the lock you pull out on the pull tab, perpendicular from the direction of the slide travel.


If you have a zipper that seperates after being closed, you can often repair this by squeezing the slide together with a pair of pliers. You want to squeeze it just slightly, not to the point that the slide binds on the cloth portion of the zipper.


Note: This method works on any zipper that is not too worn, including jackets, pants and Stitches. Lube your tent zippers too, nothing worse than a 2AM nature call and being unable to get out!

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Got to the sewing store and get some zipper wax, zipper grease or any other type of zipper lubricant. No stain, sticks well to the zipper and works like a charm.


Ride safe,



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