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Hippo Hands


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Jerry Johnston

They're very warm since linded with sheep skin but I found them very combersome and gave them away. They were given to me by a friend who purchased the gloves? back in about 79 or 80.

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I have been using them for a few years now on a '03 K12RS. With the heated grips my hands stay nice and warm down to 10 deg F. They are quite easy to get used to and operating all of the controls is not a problem even with winter gloves. The major drawback is at speed the air pressure keeps them pressed against the levers and the cruise control keeps kicking off. With the power assisted ABS the brake motor keeps coming on. I constantly have to push the brake lever off.

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I had some. They were fine if you could just ride and ride without taking your hands out of the controls. But I had to ride in the city, so I took them off. Then moved to Florida. No more Hippo Hands!

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Has anyone used Hippo Hands on an R1100RT?


Did you notice any trouble accessing the levers? Are they warm? Pros? Cons?


My hippo hands are made of leather but otherwise are similar to the ones you are considering. On the RT they block the mirrors but you could add mirrors from a GS. When I use them I prefer to use lite leather gloves with no liners so I have better feel of the controls. They do not interfere with the controls (don't have cruise on R11RT so can't comment there)and with the RT fairing you should not have the collapsing with the wind flow problems mentioned. Mine are very stiff so that is not a problem. I had a pair that were made from synthetic material and did not like them. THe hippo hands I have are fleece lined made from cowhide and are very stiff so even on a no fairing bike they maintain their shape.

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