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T B Sync for 01 R1200c ?


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Hi Guys! I have a 01 R1200c with 32K on it, I just finish the 12k service, the TB'S was never touch ( adj ) before since it was new, but do I need to do a TB's Sync? and with what tools and how? Please help. Thanks confused.gif

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The R1200C does not need throttle body sync. It has only one throttle body in the center that serves both cylinders.
We're talking about the cruiser, right? There are actually two separate TBs in a common housing. There are some basic sync adjustments, what on the other oilheads we call the large brass screws, that you can get to via access holes through the air box from under the rear fender. There is however indeed no conventional sync. like we would do with cables on the other oilheads because the common housing TBs are physically linked together.


OP - You might want to wander over to www.chromeheads.org where the C owners hang out. (Not that you aren't welcome here too!)

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