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Ohlins Shock Rebuild


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My Ohlins dealer's view is that a rebuild is due at 25,000 miles. I used to believe that this is a bit premature but my original rear shock was quite sad at 43,000km, which is around 25,000 miles which confirms his recommendation.


A lot will depend on what sort of riding you do. If you ride close to the limits you should get your shock done at 25K to keep it finely tuned. If you only ride the slab, maybe you could stretch it a little beyond that.


I can't offer the $US price for a build but I was told that it would be between $300-450 $AUS here is Australia.

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I had Ohlins on my '99 R1100RT. I installed them at around 40K miles. I sold the bike with 170K. The shocks needed rebuild always close to 40K miles. They needed rebuild because they started leaking. Ride quality stayed good until they started leaking. Rebuild cost was between $120 and $200.

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I agree with Paul here. My rear Type4 Ohlins on my K1100LT needed rebuilding at 30K(shaft seal leaking). I had a good Ohlins guy here in Tucson do it.

He also recommended putting a 'shock protector' on it this time. It's a nylon wraparound like they use on motocross bikes. He claims that most of the shocks he sees actually would have lived 50-60K miles easily if the shock was protected from the dirt and grunge we subject them to. We'll see. I'm at 135K on that bike now so next rebuild should be around 200K. smile.gif



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I asked the same question when I got Ohlins for my 1100GS. The vendor told me that it would depend upon the amount of off-road that I was doing and on the total load, but I could expect 40,000 miles without any problems with mostly road driving and one-up. The cost of rebuilding was about $80.00 per shock at the time (04/06) so it's a pretty good value (IMHO)



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Oil changes help to prevent costly parts replacement. In aluminum body shocks, average oil change interval is about 12,000 miles. In the steel body shocks, oil change interval is about 15,000 miles. This is using an average riding conditions; not riding in extreme hot climates for long durations fully loaded. Oil shearing is kept to a minimum if not exceeding load capacity.

Works performance oil change and service $60.00

Ohlins oil change $80.00

Wilber oil change $80.00 and on most others under $100.00

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