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Finger Lakes rain rally


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I was there on Sunday, hanging around the vendors around 5pm, as promised. Didn't see any BMWST friends. I saw a green Eureka tent with a balloon and a K1200RS next to it, but nobody around. Was that your tent? Too bad we didn't meet. There will be a next time.

My rides North on Sunday and back home on Monday were great. Perfect riding weather, all twisty two-lanes. I'll do it again grin.gif

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We enjoyed the rally in spite of Ernesto. Several from our group stayed at the Seneca Lodge and the others camped at the site. I had my Sport Touring shirt on under my Stich so no wonder I never ran into anyone. The evening meals hit the spot and walking the Glen after the rain was through was awesome. I’ve never seen so much water there. We came home with several wines from Bully Hill. They still had a pretty good turnout.

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My wife and I had a great weekend. We rode every day, including Sat! Plenty of laughs and good dancing in the big hall. Some riders own all the equipment neccessary!



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