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Forward pegs, which to use?


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I've seen the ELF pegs and they look nice and of course they also hide well. I'm concerned about the installation location and the durability of that install. I'm 6'2" 280#, R12RT what are others using? Opinions about the ELF? It is something I want for trips because that is the only discomfort I have is need to move my knees.


Does lowering the driver footpegs an inch really help that much?

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I have the Sahara pegs, which are the Hexhead version of the Elf pegs. They have been on my bike for 26k miles. I only use them to give my body a rest. They help my knees and my back. The mounting location gave me concern but I just make sure they are tight and don't put more pressure on them than necessary. There are cheaper ways to get the same results but I didn't like the looks of any of them.

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I've had them on since the bike was new, 12,000kms later and no problems. Don't use them very often, just a few times on long trips, but they work, and like you said they fold away so you don't even know they're there. My wife actually bought the RT but found it a bit too tall and heavy and she dropped it several times and the pegs took the brundt of the fall. We had installed the BMW plastic engine guards but if the bike goes over far enough it lands on the hwy pegs. Just scratches the paint off the peg which I touch up with a bit of flat black and they're good as new.


Only problem so far was it took just as long to put them back on after the 10k valve job as all the plastic! :-) But it's only 10 minutes every 10,000kms and they are a blessing when you need them. They're staying on my bike.

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