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Greetings from Mayhem


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Greetings from Winchester and the BMWRT.com Mayhem in the Mountains rally. I'm tired, we rode some wheels off today, drank/ate, and I have to leave early in the morning. I'll let others fill you in on the details, but in brief:


/Twenty two bikes and about thirty people so far. Lots more tomorrow.


/The collective is missing a few peg feelers from today and some folks learned some great stuff on some great roads.


/One bike that won't start and had to be push started every time!


/One dropped.


/Too much beer.


/Just the right amount of pizza.


/Lots of gadget envy.


Some really great folks. Geez. I really enjoy meeting people in person that I've met first on the board.


I hope you can make it to one of these some day. We have one in Nashville in 3 weeks. Then the big one in Gunnison in a few months.


Thanks to Jim, Brian, and Chris for their great organizational skills.


Oh...we had people from as far as Myrtle Beach, Toronto, and Nashville. All fools, of course.

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Thanks for the report and pic. Great!


Laney and I were plotting, at one time, to crash this gathering unannounced, but our schedules held us up. Really missed meeting the Mayhem Crew. Next time!

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Great picture - look forward to ride stories and any other stories anyone wished to share OR tell on someone else (those might be the best) smile.gif

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Let me take a stab at some names. I am not real good with them, and didn't take any notes, so please correct me, folks. And sorry for the errors. From the left...


Bill D, a firefighter from CT. In blue shorts. Went back and spanked Rt. 33 with Gerry.


Brian Petersen, also from NJ. One of the organizers. Black shirt. Push started his bike all weekend.


Jim M. (BMWGreenRT). Retired firefighter, also from NJ. Another of the three organizers. Not real supportive of Brian.


Brian's wife, just her head showing. Wondering why Brian went to the auto parts store and Target 2,345 times.


EdApelian, from NC. Black hat on. Didn't get much chance to chat with him.


Don Miller, also from NC. White hat on. Lives NE of the Smokies.


Neal Walsh, from SC. Rode 700 miles each way for dinner on a GREAT Sargent seat.


Dan C, hiding from everybody.


Dave J (dj_nj) from NJ. Just rode his 1,500 miles in 1.5 days. See post in ride tales.


Fellow in the back, with just his head showing, is I think new to the BBS.


Russ, from MD, with the smug arms crossed. He rides a blue K12RS. That's why he's smug.


Big-T in the red shirt, not looking at the camera.


Pilgrim, black pants and beard. Retired Fed, now trying to set DC straight again.


Spike, looking like he just got off a shuffleboard court with black shoes and white socks. Cyphergirl was here, but not in the picture.


ChrisNYC, showing off his cooler-than-everyone-else's hang tag. The third organizer.


Buck (really Greg when he's not incognito). His girlfriend Candi isn't in the picture, probably because she doesn't want proof that she's with Buck, who ain't nearly as cute as her.


BTW, this is just a few of the people. Several spouses and riders missed the picture.

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It was a great time. Thanks to all.

1. Speaking of chasing Gerry and others, the humbling was so great that I signed up for the Superbike school at Watkins Glen on 9/23-24. There are alot of very good riders amongst us. I got some catching up to do.


2. That's me "hiding" behind David Derrick in the Picture.

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What a great weekend! That was the best riding I've done, particularly the mountain passes. I was also impressed with the number of folks who enjoyed riding at a "spirited" pace. Count me in for next year. Here's a pic from the ride down.

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Hey I almost forgotshocked.gif,

we want to thank Len Parkin for being our ride Captain on the first official ride we had on Friday. It was a very exciting moment having all those RT's pulling out together. Great job Len smile.gif

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