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considering 97 R1100Rt purchase


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I am a long time Airhead rider. I have the opportunity to purchase this oilhead with 92,000 miles. It needs a clutch.(slips under top gear hard roll on only) Any other items that should be replaced at this mileage level. The bike has been dealer maintained and the clutch is original.


Bike looks immaculate and current owner has racked most of the miles in the last five years.


TIA, maybe I'll soon be an oilhead!

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It all depends of course as the bike could have experienced a lot of either very good or very poor maintenance during the last 100k miles. Assuming that you are comfortable with past maintenace the clutch going would not be unusual at that mileage so I wouldn't necessarily worry about that, and if the transmisison and splines made it this far then probably all is OK there too. But at this mileage you may be looking at needing to replace the crown bearing in the final drive before too long, and maybe get the driveshaft rebuilt. Neither is too terribly expensive. Also I assume that at that mileage it has some aftermarket shocks?

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