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Autocom surface mount connectors wanted for R1200RT


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I am looking for a cleaner installation method for my Autocom Super Pro AVI headset connectors. I don't particularly like the cables hanging out from under the seat. I want to install 2 surface mount connectors (1 in the fairing and 1 near the passenger accessory socket on my R1200RT). Would anyone have a source for good surface mount DIN connectors, or tried adapting something else?





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I asked the same question just earleir today based on my own on-bike Autocom instal. Disconnecting was easier when I carried it in my pocket. Autocom use a standard DIN 7Pin thus any electronic component outlet should have them, here's a few I found.








From the ones I found, I think waterproofing may be the issue, but this too may be taken from another 'device' and made to fit the 7Pin DIN. What about the cover for a standard car 12V outlet?


I've asked Autocom UK and shall advise of their response.

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I don't particularly like the cables hanging out from under the seat.


I use Autocom P-clip part #1550 (previously #159) to hold the rider cable to the back of the tank so that it does not dangle. I dont often ride with a passenger so leave the cord under the seat.


However I am sure surface mounting will be great. Think through carefully exactly how the the pillion will disconnect him/herself from the bike and what will happen to any wires left trailing as you park the bike.

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Yep, Johns got a very valid point. If you leave the bike without unplugging you could damage the panel, the DIN Socket and possibly the witing too.

Ever seen that photo with the car and the fuel line still attached? grin.gif


After looking at the other threads I think I'll move over to adhering it in some manner and 'sticking' smirk.gif with the standard Autocom lead plug.

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another thing, consider leaving the bike involuntarily..

autocom's NL distributor states that they don't have them, for reasons of safety.


still wanting one i made one from a surface mount din socket and a flat washer. asked my father in law to drill

the washer out to fit the socket and to weld it in place.

soldered a wire onto the connections, used a 7 pin plug, which was solder onto the other end of the cable.


since there was a hole in the dash on my bike (ex police bike, they used to have the headset connector there) i placed the plug there. used tie-rips to secure it.


used it for about a year now. one problem did occur, surprisingly with the plug end, which was safely hidden underneath the tank. corrosion had formed on the pins and the plastic part of the plug, causing a small arc, which caused the vox to be on constantly. cleaned it, greased it, reinstalled and all is well again.


Regards, Daniël


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I posed this question to "Autocom Tom" several months ago.


The response I received indicated that this was not a good idea.


The issue is that during a "get off", the connection between the surface mount socket and the headset plug liely will not disengage properly. The pull angle is a straight on 180 degrees to disconnect the plug. When sliding away from the bike, or being thrown from the bike, the angle of pull on the connector will be an acute angle of something less than 180. The connection may not seperate at this angle, and the force required to seperate the connection at the helmet may be enough to cause a neck injury.


Tom indicated that they had tested this type of mounting system, but the data collected resulted in a thumbs down from their insurer. Therfore they have, at the time, no intention of offering such a system themselves.


Your mileage may vary.

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I too considered that issue…but I thought since there are connectors at both ends -- if one didn’t disconnect in the case of an ‘unfortunate circumstance’ the other would serve as ‘the weak link’. Sounds like I could be wrong...


I started this quest with the knowledge most of the big touring bikes (BMW included, I thought) have permanent surface mount connectors, so it can’t be that dangerous. But, since I don’t want to end up looking like Fido at the end of his leash, I’ll do some more research.





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