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Columbia River Gorge - Waterfalls


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What a beautiful day it was for a touristy ride along the Columbia River Gorge! A new found friend & I cruised the waterfalls along Interstate 84 on the scenic side road that gets travelers near the many falls. We had additional fun at the observatory overlooking the Gorge when a busload of Chinese tourists departed their vehicle and 4 of them headed straight for our bikes. The matriarch of the small group spoke acceptable English so I invited them to sit on my R1200RT for better photos. I popped the bike on its center stand, left the bike in 1st gear and had the side stand extended - just in case. I had to demonstrate how to easily mount the bike. Check out the look of pure joy as they took turns getting their pics taken while sitting on a BMW. A great day and 300 more miles on the Beemer.






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That's RT30 isn't it? If I remember right, there's a neat horseshoe curve on that road that overlooks the river. We camped one night in Gresham county park west of the falls. The campground has a prehistoric look to it with the giant ferns and huge trees, at night it was the darkest place I've ever seen or should I say not seen!

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Beautiful pictures. You're a very generous ambassador. Gary and I had the great fortune to ride that road on the way to Vancouver Island trip. It definitely was one of the high points as well as a stop at the Bonneville fish hatchery a little ways down river. (Gary kept drooling over the sturgeon in the fish ponds.) What a great area in your back yard.

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