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Tomtom GPS wiring


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Have just purchased tomtom rider. Should I wire it to an ignition switched live eg heated seat or should I connect to a permanent live eg battery/accessory wiring.


I have heard of some GPS systems rebooting when the supply is interupted by switching off via the ignition.


The installation instructions do not provide any help.





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Thanks guys.


I have broken into the front heated-seat wiring. This is ignition controlled. The tomtom unit actuates automatically when the ignition is switched on and likewise turns off with the ignition. The unit doesn't reset when turned off at the ignition. I'll update you all when I've used it for a while and let you know of any pros/cons.





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another pic and I agree although i have hardwired my tomtom the unit lasts for about 8 hours on a 2-3 hour charge which is more than enough for most.If you were camping though you might be glad that you had hardwired it.


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I thought the Tom Toms had a battery that lasted for up to 8 hrs.....why worry about hard wiring it?


Mine won't run for as long as that! On a long trip, such as a holiday/vacation, it would need re-charging, so wiring it in overcomes that. Something less to carry.


I make those comments having used it in its cradle, but not yet wired in! Fitting the wiring is a winter job I must get around to soon - on two bikes... frown.gif

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I got a TomTom at Xmas, and have been using it for my daily (120 mile round trip) commute. It's a bit of a pain to have to recharge it every night, but once the cold weather eases I am planning to tie into the radio harness wiring, which has both a live and switched live connection. This might mean getting the fairing panels off which I always struggle with, so out of curiosity, how did you route the wiring past the tank?

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