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Naches Pass and Mt Rainier (and the second to last RT1100GS Ride Tale) 26 pics


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The second to last ride tale on my RTGS.


A few weeks ago I decided to ride over Naches Pass…well, as you will see…attempt to ride over Naches Pass. Naches is south of Enumclaw, WA; south of Greenwater a few miles, turning east to FR70.


This was the final straw that prompted me to actually buy the GS and simultaneously decide not to ride the RT in inappropriate places, since (at the time) it was my only source of transportation. Valerie appreciated my saying so, since she felt it for some time. She said that we’d be in a world of hurt if I managed to roll down a ravine…


FR70 starts out with a delightful 9 miles of perfect pavement and wonderful corners. Just be careful of a few hairpins where gravel is washed out onto the roadway.






After the 9 miles the road (with plenty of warning) turns to gravel. The views get grander and the elevation higher. At several points I wished I had a real dirt bike.



I want to find the road cut into the side of that mountain over there: smile.gif



Though I was tempted, I didn’t go up this road…




This is the start of Naches Pass. These Boy Scouts were going to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail, meeting other Scouts coming up from the White Pass area and swapping cars. I am an Eagle so it was a nice conversation before they started. The order of the photos is off, I actually snapped this when I was on my way back out again.



This trail was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to go back.






Hmmm, maybe I better to wade this crossing (and it was a good thing I did since the right side was nearly up to my knees. eek.gif






Oops. Look Ma…no hands!





I’ve been asked why I didn’t ride around it. It’s never that simple and of course if I had an idea that this would happen, of course I would have gone around. This is part of my education as a offroad rider.


This is the root mass that stopped my forward progress. It’s at least 18” tall. There was a ride around to the left, not visible here, and the tire track to the right is probably where I’ll go tomorrow. It’s still quite steep. I don’t know how many photos I’ll take tomorrow. I think I’ll be too busy! I’m learning that in difficult sections, the throttle is your friend!





After a backtrack down FR70, I decided to ride to Sunrise, at the NW corner of Mt Rainier. It was quite crowded at the lodge, easily 1000 cars, so I rode just out of the lot to find a small shoulder and take these pictures.










After Sunrise, I wanted to ride up to the Suntop Observation post. A Greenwater local told me about it at lunch. It was gravel and washboard for 5 miles, but there was a minivan at the top so it couldn’t have been too bad. Except, uhh, this road which was a “wrong turn”, yeah that’s the real answer…sure. I will definitely be exploring this area some more!









This is easily my favorite shot of the bunch:





Only slightly less majestic than Sunrise, but the solitude makes it my favorite picnic spot in Washington.





The tower is rentable. Can you imagine the stars from here?? Wow!





Just below the summit:









The only other photo I’ll have to post from the RT is when I roll 100K miles, if I keep it that long. I want to, since I’m so close, but we’ll see. I thought I should finally post this ride tale since I’m going back to Naches Pass tomorrow on the GS. Thanks for listening! smile.gif

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I'll tell you, buddy, that is some purty country you got to ride in. (Remember (shoot, can't remember who's) signature line: A preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence, with. grin.gif)

Those flower shots and of course the ladybug shot are wonderful.

Can't believe those little roots stopped you. Wuss.











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Can't believe those little roots stopped you. Wuss. peepwall.gif
`Cmon now Paul...why don't you bring that prissy GS of yours over and we'll have us a little ride! grin.gifblush.gif
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