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The Saga begins. USA Four Corners. - Day 0 to day 3


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So You want to do a USA Four Corners Trip


The USA Four Corners MC ride is visiting and documenting the visit to Blaine, Wa., San Ysidro, Ca., Key West, Fl., and Madawaska, Me. It is sponsored by the SCMC club. You can visit the locations in any order but it must be done within 21 days. I did the trip in a total of 20 days, leaving from Blaine, Wa. April 19th and arrived in Madwaska, Me. 20 days later on May 8th a total of 8273 miles but who is counting. Only one day was not spent in the saddle with the shortest distance traveled 186 miles and the longest day was 756 miles. By the time I returned home, I had put 12483 miles on Big Red.


Key factors to a successful trip, planning, planning, planning and working the plan, along with a somewhat healthy body, reliable motorcycle, good weather and a little luck.


I had all of the above along with one more very import factor,that made this event a lot easier for me was the great people who opened their CASA’s and hearts to the Oldrider. Thanks to all of you for your great hospitality as well.


This is long and may be boring to you. Ask questions or pass along suggestions and I will try to apply to the second leg.


Some key facts. The weather was great, not to hot, not to cold, not much wind and only a few hours of rain for the entire trip including returning home. Infact, I did not get rained on until I completed the USA Four Corners. However, I left a lot of crappy weather behind me along with road construction in some key areas like Deals Gap.


The BMW ran flawlessly as I expected. Had it crapped out, I would have sent it to nearest dealer and flown home.


Did I mention the great weather.


Used all the items I packed.


All my board hosts have dogs.


Most bugs award goes to New York and South Dakota. Timing is everything, since I didn’t see a mosquito in Mississippi or La. Who would believe that after spending a year in that area many years ago.



Me(OldRider) and The Big Red (2002 BMW RT1150) left the stable on Thursday April 18th for Blaine, Wa. I had packed and repacked many times. The MC had been serviced which included switching to Syn motor oil, and a new set of BT020 tires. Speedo reading was 9202 miles.


The visit to the first three key locations of this trip was done at a very fast pace. I can revisit the West anytime and I wanted to spend more time on the east coast since I don’t expect to return there in the near future.


The Trip Begins

Day 1 Fri April 19th The four corners started officially from Blaine, Wa. (First Corner) heading south to Palo Cedro, Ca.. Would you believe, no rain in Western Wa.? I was able to rest at Doug’s in Bothell, then continuing on to meet up with Jackie who had her problems with a flat tire and she was unable to make the agreed upon meeting time. So, I continued on to meet BigMak in Jefferson, Or. and ride with him to Ashland. I continued to Palo Cedro to stay with BubWood. Had a great Steak and fresh abalone dinner prepared by Ken himself. Ken was the only member in the family that was recovered from the flu. That made me nervous. I was sure I was going to come down with Flu after being out about three days. It didn’t happen. Julie, thanks for giving up your room and I am sure the stars on the ceiling helped me get a good nights rest. The Woods, along with every rider I stayed with, had a great group of dogs(Tuck, Abbe, Bridget). 749 miles traveled.


Day 2 Sat April 20 started at 5 am in order to make my lunch date between 1 and 2 with Dick and his gang at Tehachapi, Ca. Ken and I road together to Sacramento and I continued on to meet up with Dick and Denny. We had a wonderful lunch (Thanks again for lunch Dick). Got to chat with somemore board members ( Steve, Denny, Dick, Laney, (so was the Sock Monkey there??yes Wurty was there) Mark, Russel, Daryl and others) Denny and I took the back desert roads (Mojave, Palmdale, Lancaster, Victorville) hit I15 to avoid LA and went to Dtools in Bonita, Ca. Had a great meal prepared by Mrs. Dtool (Chris) and met two more dogs (Buckley and Luna) Damn Buckley a huge Boxer wanted to sleep In my bed. 756 miles traveled. Another Great Host. Thanks Dtool. Sorry about not making Torrey. Be seeing you. Come on up north big guy.


Day 3 Sun April 21. Denny lead me to San Ysidro (Second Corner) where we got the required information including photo and mailed envelop. Denny then lead me out to Interstate 8 and I continued the second leg as I headed for Tucson but kept going to Willcox. Met two HD riders headed for Laughlin. Hope they dodged the bullets since the one had his Trailer removed by an oldlady as he was headed west about two days earlier. Passed up chance to visit the Pima Air Museum. Will catch it another time. 522 miles traveled.


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>Used all the items I packed.



What items did you bring that you found most useful? If it's not too intrusive, would you include a list of items you took? The 4-corners is a ride I'd like to try some day when I can get a month off.



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Well, being an old Napa native, I can give you some info. I spent several days in Napa, two weeks ago and may be back there in late June or July.


When I do the next leg, I will list out what I took with me.

One item that took a lot of room and was a special item for me was a CPAP machine. You shouldn't need that.



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Great to hear about your trip!!! I guess we played a small part of your 4 corners and your always welcome at mi casa. As you predicted the oldman "Tuck" finaly went to dog heaven while my wife and I were on a 2 week trip...lost a great and longtime friend of almost 17 years. Tell us more about your adventure!!!



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Been riding and traveling. Sorry to hear about Tuck. Is he out under the old Oak tree? I'll get back to the remainder of the story soon.



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OldRider said: ...I'll get back to the remainder of the story soon.


Better be kind to me in a future installment Allen. 'Else I'll post those compromising pics of ya! tongue.gif

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Big, humongous miles Oldrider. Keep the story coming, not boring, yet, just don't include too much information about Wurty, Krispy Kremes and LEO's. BTW, did you have to make a donation the speed of your travels?

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I'm beginning to think that Old Rider only got through 3 days and then flew home!




Nahh... but he _MAY_ have slipped into a food coma, and the RT went to the stables in autopilot mode! laugh.gif


"Whut? How did I get here? Anything in the fridge?"





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