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corrosion on the aluminum parts


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I have 2002 R1150GS & K1200LT, which I love so much.

About 1 month ago, I happened to find several blisters on the anterior aspect of both Boxer engines of GS. Whitish powders were found and blown away after removing the blister cover and I painted that part with touch-up paint.

I got so anxious about that sort of trouble and started to look around my motorbikes.

So many small whitish bubbles and discolorations were found on the aluminum silver surfaces of telelever,side surface of the engine body and around the rear axle of GS.

My LT has the same things as GS has around the rear axle.


I wonder if it would be OK even if I leave them unrepaired.

Wouldn't it become worse( wide spread) once it occurs?

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I, too, have some of oxidation on the non-anodized parts of my RT and RS. Out here, the salt air contributes to the symptoms you describe (ask any ferry commuter). I do my best to clean my bikes often. If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The important part is what your engine looks like on the inside.

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I first dropped my bike in 2000 when it was only 1 hour old (about normal for someone with their first bike).


I did not notice that the right hand aluminium footrest plate had a hairline crack just where the RT RH plastic cover pegs fit. After the first winter I noticed the bubbling, found the hairline crack and drilled a small hole at its extremity. Five years later corrosion had spread to a 2" circle underneath the paint. I have now cleaned this back to bare metal and hand painted with primer and silver top coat. I have yet to decide whether to buy a new plate approx $200 or get a specialist welder to repair and then get sprayed.



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