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Do we need/want them? If so, I don't have the language. I know they have the legal weight of the paper they're printed on, but at least they create a mindset.


DB - if you have the lingo, post it here and I'll try to cut & paste and run to the copier before I shove off in a few hours.



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I actually don't have a form. How about just printing this up and giving it out at registration?


There's no fee for this UnRally. We've done no planning for your safety. This is not an event.


There are no official rides, just route suggestions you might look at. Don't ride beyond your ability. Prepare for the unexpected.


Drinking so that it impairs you and then riding in that condition is really stupid.


Everything you do on the way here, at the UnRally, and on your way home is entirely your risk. Act accordingly.


Other than that, have a great time! smile.gif

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Yeeha! Stephen

Too late to chime in?


I still have all the signed waivers from Gunny. They say:


Waiver of Liability for Unrally, Gunnison, CO


I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am at lest 18 years of age and I give this release and waiver for my heirs, successors, representatives, and myself. I agree to release BMWRT.com and its administrators, moderators, and representatives from any liability, loss, damage, costs, claims, lawsuits and/or causes of action including but not limited to all bodily injuries, including death and property damage, arising out of any aspect of my attending, or participating in the UnRally in Gunnison, Colorado.


I understand and accept the risk of danger to myself and my property while participating in the UnRally and agree to assume all risk of loss.



_________________________(printed name)



_________________________(signature) _________________________(date)

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