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Ride to Washington


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Had the opportunity to ride to Bremerton, to see my brother. I've never been up the coast, so decided to ride up. Stopped on the way back, to see this:










Sorry for image quality, I only had my crappy camera phone. This was something to see!! That plane is Massive!! I figured it would just be the Goose in an old warehouse. I wasn't expecting the other aircraft, or such a nice museum. Very nice. They had a flying Ford Tri-Motor. Very cool machine!


Ended up riding the coast home also, as it was Hot further inland. The whole ride was great (except the rain in northern oregon), but the highlights were definitely:


PCH between coast and Leggett

34 in Oregon

128 in California

101 in Washington


Now I just need to get a decent camera!

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Oh yeah, I saw 2 R12RT's! (one red, and one charcoal?) This is significant for me, as I've only seen a couple of R12's on the road, in the last year!

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Saw the Spruce Goose when she was still in Long Beach. A truly amazing aircraft. Hughes was odd, yes, but brilliant in areas of engineering and design.


Not a bad aviator in his own right as well.


Lots of fascinating stories of his personal accomplishments, as well as his company's!!


Glad to see you had a great ride and glad to see they gave the Goose such a nice home! thumbsup.gif

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