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Sorry, I'm "Out" Too


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Sorry, but with everything piled on my plate between work, family, and now with my RT out of commission for God only knows how long, I'm going to have to bow out of the Un. this year. I know I haven't been much (any) help in planning either--just been way to inundated at this point in time. Will try again another year. Sorry. frown.gif

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No problemo Sean - turn that frown upside down! Sorry to hear that the bike is out of commish, but it sure hung in there a while. Was this the same prob that Tommy had?

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Was this the same prob that Tommy had?

Well, since the bike still hasn't been taken apart yet, there's no definitive diagnosis yet, but so far, they're guessing it's the input shaft--TM Roe had a different issue. If it's the input shaft, then this is the same issue that Paul Mihalka had.

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