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K75 fuel tank melt down


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I recently came into a '94 K75 with about 11k on the clock. The previous owner had not riden it in years and said the injectors may be clogged due to the "rubber bits going bad". He was never quiet clear as to what that meant.


Well, Ive taken the tank apart and have found the "rubber bits" of which he spoke. The collar around the fuel filter has become like paste and the fuel level float and it's attendant electronics look like they've been at sea for a lifetime, but with flakey orange barnacles and ectoplasmic goop clinging to it.


Is it possible to test the pump outside the tank? Can the pump be cleaned and made nice or must it be replaced if it is fouled?


And the injectors, can they be triggered off the bike?


I paid $300 for the bike (very long story, for another post) and before any fuel issues need to put about $500 into it. The MC isn't a $ priority so I'm trying to get it running on the cheap and put the $500 into it over time but need to get the fuel issue fixed for it to run.


Thebike is for my girlfriend, she's taking the class next month but if we're hit with a $300 fuel pump and a $90 petrol gage she will be right pissed.


Any help will be appreciated...

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Calvin  (no socks)

I doubt the pump will run after rubber turning to jelly. I test pumps on the outside all the time. You do take a risk of ignition/thermal event/(fire)/pain/burns etc.


Do so at your own risk! (disclaimer)


I usually use mineral spirits to pump thru it. The gasoline lubricates the rollers, do not run it dry. As for the injectors, never had any success cleaning them. Get the fuel tank cleaned and pump running and see if it runs first.

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I just spent the last hour breaking it all down here for you guys then hit the back button on my browser like a dumbass. Lost it. Firefox needs a save as you go feature. Sigh...


Well, the short of it is I think I will be doing the work in about 4-5 phases the first being getting her running for about $500.


The second will be safety things like turn signals, seat latches and tank covers for about $250.


The third will be things like busted passanger pegs and luggage arms for around $100.


Fourth will be body work, paint and enamel roundels for anywhere from $300-$400. I will be doing the paint and bodywork myself so I should save on labor.


And finally the console is faded due to being out in the sun. I am sure the LED(?) gear indicator and clock are faded out and the trip meter won't reset. That seems to be running arouned $300 from the boneyard. And the "impact protective plate" wherein the key and the various switches go is torn so it will need to go eventually. I think I found it for around $60 from the dealer but we may have been talking crosswise and gotten the price wrong.


I enjoy working on the bikes and find it meditative so the sting from the $1300 total is lessened somewhat. I figure over the next few months phase I and most of phase II will get done. The rest will wait until next year. After that I will begin my search for a neglected Ducati or Moto Guzzi Sport and my girlfriend will take her recently restored 1994 BMW K75 and find a guy who's priorities are more in line with hers.


Wish me luck people, I'm going in...

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