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Heated Grips Electrical Question

Mike T

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I have a '95 R1100RS. I turned on the heated grips yesterday and the bike died about 5 seconds later. The no. 6 fuse blew to the fuel pump. I replaced the fuse, turned off the heated grips and rode home. At home I discovered that the two wires had broken off the right side grip and shorted out. I also discovered that fuse no. 7 which is for the heated grips has a 20A fuse in it (instead of a 4 that the manual says is called for).


Now the problem. For some reason the left side grip was staying heated (even with fuse 7 removed and the switch turned off). I even disconnected the switch and there is still 12Vs in the black wire on the left and right hand grips. I checked the male connectore that the switch pulgs into and discovered (with the ignition on) that there is power on all 3 pins???? If I remove fuse 7, there is still power on 2 of the pins.


I think that when the grip shorted out that the wires go so hot (due to the 20A vs. 4A fuse) that somewhere the grip wires and a 12V line involving the fuel pump must of melted the insulation so I now have 12Vs on both wires going to the L and R grips.


Anyone have any idea where in the wiring harness I should start to look for the melted wires? Or, does anyone have a different theory of what is going on.


BTW, the bike runs normally and I disconnected both heated grips.

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