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What a great morning.


Got up at 5am and drank coffee and caught up on some email while waiting for my parents to come by and pick me up. My folks are the best and even in their mid 70's love to get out early in the morning and take care of their kid. At least that is what I tell them. tongue.gif


After they showed up, we negotiated the fee to haul me to Tucson to pick up my RT. They really do love me...honest. My Mom wanted a weekend at some spa, but I told them I was willing to pop for a McMuffin if they paid gas (I do negotiate for a living you know). My Dad said nothing less then Cracker Barrel or he was going back to bed and I could go Greyhound. We settled on a local place that had awesome food in Tucson and headed South.


After Breakfast, they dropped me off at Iron Horse. I was almost in tears as I saw my RT out back ready to come home. I have said that my attachment to this beast is about as bad as it gets. I happily paid the team there and thanked them for doing the job in 1/2 the time of the folks up North. The level of service from these guys has been fantastic. If you have any chance to work with them, I would recomend them 100%!


After leaving, I rode around town for a few minutes just letting the wonder of sitting on my RT sink in at every light. Motorists around me were just as amazed and honked to tell me it was ok to sit there through one or two green lights. A few even congratulated me but I couldn't hear what they said as my AZ AL headphones were turned up listening to some Al Green.


From there it was up the I-10 to the house at a wonderful 80mph. The bike purred the whole way home and I even didn't mind the 100 degree temps out there.


Tomorrow I am taking the RT up into the mountains to play on the twisties. It is so great to look in the garage and see her sitting next to my chrysler. All is right again at Schloß Kaisr


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Tomorrow I am taking the RT up into the mountains to play on the twisties.


Ride tale with pictures please. I miss living in the valley!

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