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Best R12RT seat, corbin-vs-mayer-vs-sargeant??


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I was looking for some experiences anyone has of seats for their 12RT. I had the double heated corbin on my 02 1150RT, it was great with a suit, leathers, cold weather etc. but really sucked with just jeans on, it was too hard, even after 10,000 miles, I bought some bicycle riding pants to wear under jean, it helped a bunch. The contour of the seat was probably the best thing, most seats seem to be flat!!

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I have a set of corbins coming for my R12RT, should be here today. I'll post back with my first impressions.

What is your weight/height, I believe those two things generally affect how individuals feel about a seat.



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Best seat? For whose ass?


I find these questions a bit silly. No two people are going to sit on a motorcycle in exactly the same way nor are they likely to have the same physiognomy. Yeah, I know, that term refers to the other end of the digestive tract but you get the idea.


Any of the makers you mentioned can craft you a custom seat so long as you are able to tell them what you find bad about the stocker. Spend some time thinking and more important feeling what it is you don't like about the seat you now have. Then talk to the seat maker, or better yet, go to him, and discuss what changes need to be made to satisfy your requirements.

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I only have experience with Corbin, so here's my 2 cents.


I've been riding with a Corbin saddle on my R12RT (front only) for nearly 10000 miles now.

The OEM made me miserable after only 100 miles, so it had to go. crazy.gif


With the Corbin, the farthest thing from my mind now is seat comfort.

500 mile stretches go by without any saddle concerns at all.

Now it's other parts of my body that begin talking to me,

like my lower back, my arm, my foot, or something else.


I was very satisfied with their service and the quality of their product.


Hats is off to the people at Corbin. thumbsup.gif

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As others have noted, saddle comfort is a very individual thing and is achieved by working closely with a competent craftsman. I have had excellent results from both Russell and Rick M.

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Soon I will have tried them all.Rick Mayer gave up after 1` adjustment. Russell charged me for an adjustment and I'll be darned if I could see or feel the diff. Corbin has always been a good looking but hard seat in my oppion.

It's not the seat makers it me as ED said'Whose A--."

Just buy them all then sell the ones that don't work for you. grin.gif

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