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Boot Marks on Seat


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I managed in one of my more agile moments to drag my boot across the stock passenger seat leaving several nice marks there. I've tried some low tech cleaning approaches, basically just mild soap/water and it doesn't touch it. Is there a super califragilistic cleaner or process that might remove these marks. Thanks.

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Maybe it's just the red bikes, but I do the same on mine. Or could it be the lack of inseam length that does it. crazy.gif

I've got heel marks on both sides of my RM custom leather seat. Tried all sorts of stuff and finally asked Rick whether he thought I should try that boot black stuff they sell at the motorcycle shows, Doc Bailey's. He said 'go ahead' so yesterday after treating my boots, I tried it on the seat. One side worked fine, the other may need some more treatment.

Anyone have anything better, I'm also listening.

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