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GS hand protectors on an RT


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Don't look now but the cold weather is coming! blush.gif


Has anyone tried to retrofit the Touratech handguards for a GS onto an RT? Just looking for something to block the cold air a little more than the fairing provides.

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I fitted the GS versions to my RS and other than rubbing the fairing on full lock, they provided the best weather protection I've ever experienced on any bike thumbsup.gif.


Will the BMW ones not fit?

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I have not tried them yet so I can't say that they do or do not fit. My concern was if the mounting can be adjusted to fit an RT bar instead of a GS. I also am not familiar with the controls on a GS and was questioning if the guards would interfere with any handlebar controls on the RT.


Thanks for the reply, I am grateful to receive any help.

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The controls should be the same on both - RT owners often add GS mirrors to their bikes.


But where I think you MAY have an issue is that the RT has the cast bars (ie - not round) and the GS has the 'normal' tubular bars. Depending on how and where the hand protectors fit, this could present some fitment issues.


A good set of gloves along with heated grips (or electric gloves) might be a possible solution to keeping the fingers warm in the chilly weather.

I've got a set of the Gerbings glove liners, and come January in the mountains, they can make the difference between a nice ride or being miserable. (Speaking from my personal experience riding an F-650 without the heated grips.. On the 1150RT that HAS the heated grips, the glove liners aren't such a ride-saver...)

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The GS handguards should fit the RT, they fit the R1100R which also has the cast bars. There may be some clearance issues at full lock but otherwise the BMW GS handguards should fit. The Touratech guards are another story, they likely mount to the bars not the switch gear and may not fit.

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I assume you mean that the BMW hands guards will fit instead of the Touratech.


That's great, I really do appreciate your thoughts.

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