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UnRally Routes Teaser


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Well, I had some last minute client work come up, so I'm woefully behind. But the maps are done, and the text just needs to be formatted. So it'll all be up soon. But just to whet your appetite, here's the map. (Click here for a large version of the same thing.)




The big red "X" marks the Iron Horse, and the big red "L" marks indicate the lunch spots on each of the three routes.


The route in red is the Little Eight.


The route in green is the Big Eight.


The route in purple is the Lopsided Eight.


They range from 220-315 miles each, and the final posting will have all the turns, what to look for, etc. I promise you that these rides are ones you won't soon forget. grin.gif I'm so jazzed.

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Looks great David. I printed directly and the resolution was pretty bad. I then saved it as a .jpg and printed it from my imaging S/W and it came out great. I also did a "fit to page" selection. Very readable in the tank bag. Looking forward to the rest.

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Oh no, there goes the billable hours for today. No doubt I will be busy pouring over the map, creating them in MapSource for the GPS and of course, dreaming grin.gifgrin.gif

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The attached *.mps file contains six routes, each of the three routes and the inverse.


To save space, they are saved here without routing (direct routes). When you open it up, recalculate under "Faster Time." Buyer beware, the auto-recalculation, under all settings, was returning some, ahem, questionable results in rural Arkansas. You may almost want to change the appropriate setting to "Truck," if you intend to leave the beaten path(s).


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Oh yeah, oh yeah. Great routes. Is the lunch spot in Yellville the Front Porch?


We are glad that you like the routes. In your travels it sounds like you've been to the Front Porch before, can't you just see our group sprawled all over the place after riding Half the day. It's going to be like Joe Cocker's place at UN1. Yeah baby, We're Uning in under two weeks. grin.giflaugh.gifcool.gif

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Matt, a couple of questions on the download. First of all, what I downloaded was only 2kb. Seems too small. Your post mentioned 18 downloads. Am I missing something? Second, I couldn't open it with City Navigator. Got an error message saying I need Metroguide. Does this mean I can't use it in my SP-III?

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It's 2KB before recalculation ... I saved them as "direct routes" to save space. When they're recalculated under City Navigator, they'll balloon to about 120KB.


There are six routes, two for each of the three loops (one figure-eight and one reverse-eight). As far as Metroguide, I don't know ... I plotted them in CityNav so they should open up fine. This was done in the latest (5.2) version of MapSource, so check to make sure you've got the latest.

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